Airdrops? We need to STOP assuming that they all create equal chances.

It’s been raining money lately in some crypto ecosystems.

I’ve seen it happen a lot, airdrops for people with a minimum of x amount staked. I don’t need to name them, it’s with many airdrops the same and it will most likely be the same for many more to come. I admit, I don’t know the solution because there’s to many ways that it can be abused, no matter how you organise it.

Crypto airdrops, boxes full of crypt on parachutes dropped from the sky.
Where do crypto airdrops land? In the hands of many or only in the hands of those who already have a bag?

The last 3 airdrops I saw this week, will be or were given to those who can afford to stake at least 200–250 $ worth of some tokens. That means, only to people who can afford putting away 200–250 $ for 3 or 4 weeks, before they can actually redraw them and change those tokens or coins into fiat money.

As usual there were a lot of happy smileys and some disappointed ones. But what strikes me the most are the comments towards the people who won’t be able to take advantage of the airdrops. Where some of these people actually helped the projects by sending tweets about them, engaging with new people on discord or in telegram groups, actually helping the projects in their community growth and spreading the word. But they are unlucky, they don’t have money to stake, they can’t afford to lock up the money for 3 or 4 weeks or they live in a country where the minimum required staking is actually more then what they earn in a month. And then they need to hear from many people, it’s only 200–250$.

Only insiders of the project normally know when a snapshot will be taken and the actual airdrop is calculated based on the requirements set by the people in the project. It’s up to the people of the project how they distribute their tokens, airdrops, stakedrops, ico’s, ….. and I’m sure most people think very long and hard about the way they want to get exposure and their token distributed. But do you think about your situation, life, country, standards, wages, …. or do you think globally and about people in different situations?

In my opinion we should also think that for many people it’s impossible to lock up x amount for 3–4 weeks incase they need to be able to change their crypto into fiat for an emergency, there are also many people who would love to stake some in the beginning of the month to gain 10 or 20% on it, even if it’s only for 2 weeks, because it’s still a lot more then those banksters give and isn’t that one of the main things why a lot of people are into crypto? To show that it can be done differently then how governments and banksters do it. And yet, we somehow turn into that same pattern, you can get more if you already have a lot. Food for thought for all of us.

Crypto is already very volatile and we know that. The words: “Don’t put in it, what you can’t afford to lose,” could be engraved in every blockchain but there are people who have nothing to lose, except their pride and dignity so the next time you tell someone: “It’s only 200$.” Think twice!



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