E-commerce is evolving through blockchain.

Moonbys — Cheap Online Shops for Everyone

The biggest advantage is that it’s getting cheaper or at least some people are making it more affordable for people to run an online shop. One of the many funny things I’ve been hearing from politicians during the Covid pandemic is that people could easily open online shops and still sell a lot of things. While this is true in some way, these same politicians obviously never opened an online shop, don’t know what’s involved in doing so and especially don’t know how much retailers need to pay for a hosted online shop, monthly or yearly, adding all their stock, taking pictures, writing descriptions, running to the mail, domainnames, … but especially how much they loose on transaction costs on every sale if they have the chance to somehow reach their clients as quick as possible in a pandemic while digging through all the small prints for the hidden costs. Those who have or had an online shop, like myself many years ago, know that’s it’s not as easy and cheap as the ads that we see popping up while doing our research. So yes those politicians should stick all their fabulous ideas where the sun doesn’t shine and start living in the real world.

But luckily there’s hope, there are people around who know how expensive it can be and thanks to blockchain and cheaper cloud services also through blockchain, it is now cheaper for start-ups, artists, small retailers, craftsman, hobbyists, … to get an online shop with 0% commission on sales.

People who follow me, know that I have enormous respect for people or small businesses who make things useable and affordable for the working class. Especially if they don’t keep charging the stupid extra fees to customers, while they don’t have those expenses anymore. If you look at companies like Amazon or Google, they’ve been able to deliver services blockchain that makes it cheaper for them but they don’t make it cheaper for their users, they just take more profit. I have nothing against businesses taking profit but please keep it fair but we know that is most of the time not what happens. The 10 richest people gained an extra 400 billion last year, despite most people loosing money due to covid and inflation.

That being said, back to the E-commerce and a small company of 3 people who worked for the past 2 years on a project with enormous advantages to online retailers, both experienced and those who would like to start selling things online or offering online services. MOONBYS is what I’m talking about. They are almost ready to launch the main net and I had the luck of trying some things out on their test net and oh boy, am I impressed. Not only will you have your hosted online shop but it will also be connected to a virtual store where people will be able to walk through from behind their computer and see all the different stores and products in 3D. So customers will be able to go into your virtual store, click on what they want to buy and it will automatically go into their basket of your own online shop. Can online shopping get anymore fun then that? Well actually it can because the virtual mall will have a bar, music stores, even live bands and concerts will be organised. Artists will be able to expose their work in 3D galleries and imagine a Tarot card reader with his or her own office that can be designed to your own wishes. Either by yourself or there will be 3D artists offering furniture, objects or you’ll be able to rent an interior designer to get your own store or office decorated as you wish.

Not only that but every store owner will be part of the ‘colony’ and be able to vote on how the company can expand, extra features, make your own proposals for other owners to vote on, what stores or artwork should be on the 18+ floor of the buildings, you will have your say in everything!

That’s not all, as a store owner, 0% commission will be charged on your sales, yes you read it right ZERO commission and you can accept payments in fiat currencies or in crypto. Not only physical goods will be on sale, also online services or NFT’s will be able to get sold.

I could go on and on but there’s actually to many things to mention but I write this article to let people know of this enormous opportunity that you have to be part of this whole colonized moon project and become part of it in the earliest stages where very soon you’ll be able to buy your property, either as an investment or ready to decorate and use. As we all know, the further a project is, the more expensive it gets to be part of it so don’t hesitate.

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