Hyperinflation is wrecking the working class!

The working class is bigger then manual labour now that we have computers. It’s all of us who need or needed to work for a living, no matter what job description is has!

We all know that mainstream media, put numbers into the context of what the powers that be, like you to read. With some numbers they can hardly cheat, because the people feel the truth in their wallet. In many European countries bread has gone up by 10 cents in one go, gas and electrics up by 30 to 75% in a few months time while it already went up before that. Household fuel oil has more then doubled since last year. With the holidays coming up, toys have gone up 10 to 20% from last year. Diesel and petrol at it’s highest because of all the taxes in it. Tabaco products up by 30% in less then 2 year, the banks putting their fees up, just te be able to have an account to receive your wages, after politicians bailed them out with taxpayers money.

New laws enforce people to renovate their houses the become more energy efficient with high costs and investments. We all know if something is required by law, the products go up because we have to do it. And while I do love the idea of making everything as green as possible, politicians taking private jets for a distance of 50 kilometer, to announce those obligations to the general public, makes it very hypocritical to say the least.

The Euro is at it’s lowest in years but it’s not Europe alone, it’s the same in the US and in many other countries who already had their fair share of hyperinflation due to the petrodollar ruling them.

And yet, every time again and again it’s the working class suffering from it. If you know that Warren Buffet pays a 0.1% effective tax rate whereas his secretary pays over 30%, then something is wrong with the system. It’s not that all rich are gangsters, they just have the ability to use the loopholes in the tax laws, created by their friendly political friends, that make it legal to do so.

Like I said in other post, I have nothing against rich people, it’s what they do with it and the advantages they have over all the rest of the population, that bothers me.

Politicians in Belgium for example are allowed to receive taxfree gifts, as long as there’s an emotional value to it. So you can put a big bow over a pile of cash and put a thank you note with, it becomes a gift with emotional value, because the same politicians refuse to define what an emotional value is, there for it’s legal and they don’t have to pay taxes on it.

As I always say:

What’s the point of taxes if it’s not used for the good of the taxpayers or a people in need!

If gifts are so special, then we need decentralised autonomous organisations with our own gift token and this is exactly what I’m working on. I will reveal that in my next post, so follow me for more info.

Thanks for reading and stay safe all.



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