Inequality, chances and Bitcoin

The one thing that Bitcoin and blockchain technology has taught me, is that people all over the world are getting a chance in gaining monetarily and showing their talent and there for their true value within society.

We are somehow slowly shifting away from a world where your future depends on where you were born, what clothes you wear, how symmetrical your face is or how well you can sell yourself in a job interview. Many blockchain projects give people a chance to develop and steer their future into a direction where they would be happier. People with anxiety to go outside or work in large crowds, the son who’s looking after his sick mother, the person who was born in the middle of nowhere that has no money to move, … many start to gain from blockchain and the rise in crypto.

And yet, inequality is in these (not so) early stages of blockchain and crypto even more apparent then before. People behind exchanges are becoming billionaires in a years time, Bitcoin ETF’s backed on future bets for the rich, people loosing hard earned money on buying shitcoins, influencers getting free NFT’s while they’re wealthy enough that they could buy them, whales influencing the markets more then they could do on Wall Street, voting power in favour of the people with the biggest wallets, institutions and multinationals trying to either overthrow or copy what has been build by working class talents, ….

Once again, the working class is being left behind within a system that should be about wealth sharing. What do the cleaners, cooks, secretaries, … in those new billion $ companies earn? What do people who spread the word about Bitcoin or altcoins gain? What do the people putting together the CPU’s and GPU’s for mining, earn?

I have absolutely nothing against people with a billion $. It’s how many of them, got it and how they use it, that the problem is. Their power and greed gained on the back of the working class people, being used and thrown away as garbage, while governments (put in place by the wealthiest) hope that they die as soon as they get their first pensioncheque.

It’s time for wealth sharing according to the capability of a person to do something and what that’s worth to others. What is the value to society of the builders, the person that cleans operating rooms with an eye for detail, factoryworkers making the tools, a surgeon, a media spokesperson of a hospital? Who needs who and do we need that politician who decides that a hospital can be build in that city? Or can people vote on that decision that there should be a hospital there? I doubt anyone in the world has a problem with people with talent, knowledge and skills to be paid accordingly but is that the reality?

Maybe it’s time to make all of that more equal, give the working class rewards for their value to a company, a community, a club, … Give your neighbours a thank you, for keeping the streets clean and peaceful, give your children whatever you want because it’s your decision, it’s yours to give to anybody, anywhere, anytime. You decide!

If you believe in this, feel free to follow me in this journey of accomplishing this within your own society.



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Change in favour of the Working Class has never happened without revolting against the system fabricated and controlled by a few! Unity is power!