The rich and powerful living on debt.

Once again we see how the rich and powerful can create havoc in a system that should be fair to all. In an earlier post I explained how the central banks keep printing money that has no value, private banks give it for next to nothing to the rich and powerful that invest it in anything they can possibly think of. They don’t invest value to the people, they invest cheap debt created to undermine the working class.

Red candles created by the rich and powerful with cheap debt and immediately bought back with more borrowed money. Only a (or some) coin(s) with fair tokenomics that doesn’t allow future trading, can make crypto useable with an acceptable risk without getting wrecked from their lifesavings and it won’t be government interference that will fix that. Only real people with working class values can do that.

And then it happens once again! Wall Street reacts to the news of a new pandemic, that people who live in the real world and have some common sense don’t even see as a new pandemic because it’s still the same one carrying on from the end of 2019.

The whales have to sell some debt backed crypto to cover their bets on Wall Street or level up their debt they invested in traditional finance and businesses, so a dip starts forming in crypto and ordinary people start panic selling with a FOMO mindset. And who benefits of large red candles? Yes indeed, those who can get cheap debt again to buy the dip. Most centralized exchanges also allow poor people to bet the little bit they have, on margin and future trading while thinking everything will be fair and the rich and powerful can’t manipulate it. Not clever and we’ve probably all tried it, can you blame us for trying? But those systems are not set up for people that can’t afford to pay people to keep an eye on the markets 24/7, you only see it when you wake up or come home from work but the rich and powerful do have their people monitoring everything 24/7. That’s the biggest difference on why the house and the powerful always win.

On top of that, it gives regulators and politicians an excuse to use their famous “protect the consumer” tactic to regulate or even make crypto illegal and it will become just a way for only the same rich and powerful to gain from it, instead of a way for the working class to become boss of their own money in a safe and fair system.

The reality is always hard and many people don’t like to hear the truth, so we can only try to teach them and hope they’ll listen for a better future for everyone who works hard for what they have and don’t want to loose.



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