Unions on blockchain

Could blockchain bring back the power and original purpose of workers unions?

Blockchain can form unions where it’s illegal to unite.

I don’t know about you or how it is in your country but I sometimes can’t help my mixed feelings about workers unions in Europe. I’m not saying most unions don’t stand up for their members but when I see the top of these unions living the same life as rich politicians do, wasting money from the treasury on expensive dinners in fancy restaurants, after every meeting, I’m really starting to wonder why they are there. The difference of income between those union leaders and the people they’re actually representing, is no less then the difference between a local politician and wage slaves, on the contrary.

What if unions started using blockchain for voting on actions, deals between unions and corporations on wages, what, where and when the money gets used for and who should lead or even on whether there should actually be any leaders? Blockchain could bring total transparency to unions, total transparency on the voting side and the financial side. The members could forward their own demands or propositions, without first having to go to their workers representative that needs to bring it to the local representative that should bring it to the next level before it ends at the top. Actually giving the power and equal benefits back to ALL workers like it used to be.

People who live in countries where unions are not allowed, could actually still unite and vote on actions in anonymous ways, just from their mobile or laptop.

Below is a video on politicians in the US who act like they’re pro workers but still get paid under the table for not encouraging the people to unite and how it gets done. Food for thought ;)



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